You Had me At Hello

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You Had me At Hello

Part one:

It wasn't the /first-time/">first time In my life that i had made men want me... I mean i don't mean to brag, but i can stop a guy in his tracks with one look in my eyes. I have been told all my life that i was /gorgeous/">gorgeous. But for some strange and unseen reason i didn't believe it. It was my second year of collage, and i was having a hard time with my stats class. I got by on my attendance, and secret "talks" with my professor after class. His name was Mr. Mackgibon, but when i went to see him for the first time he asked me to call him Erin. I was okay with anything as long as i would pass the class. But what i didn't know is that he wanted to do more with me then help me.

On my way to his office after class i noticed a smaller guy sitting in the back row with his hood up. I couldn't see his eyes. He had Cream coloured skin, and from what i could tell dark hair. I will have to admit, I was draw to him in an odd way. I mean I couldn't stop staring. I wanted to see what his eyes looked like. As he stood up his hood fell off of his head, and i was looking into two beautiful hazel colored eyes. I couldn't stop looking at him. And to my dismay he noticed... "ummm" I said, trying to save face, " I haven’t seen you around here, have i?" He looked right up into my face and said a flat mono-toned "no". "whats your name", i pressed on. Pat He said slinging his bag over his shoulder. "hi um Pat, Im Anjelica". He replied without even glancing at me, "yeah... I know". "see you next class" I chimed. Sauntering away.

When i reached Mr. Mackgibons office the door was closed... Like it had been every other time I had gone for "extra help". But this time when I knocked, there was a quick response, "hold on one moment Anjelica". When the door opened again, out walked Pat, he put his earphones in before i could muster um a surprised hi. 'Hello Mr. Mack", i said teasingly as i shut the door. He had that look on his face like he was going to devour me with his cock. I flinched inside. Not that He was /ugly/">ugly, he seemed to only be about seven years my senior, and more then a few girl i have over heard talking about wanting to slip into his office and teach him what collage girls could do... But the difference was, that i i knew, he knew what a collage girl could do.

"anjelica" He said quickly, "we need to have a little chat, but first drop your panties and bend the fuck over". He was into bokep sma pecah perawan the /rough/rough-sex/rough-dirty-sex/">rough dirty sex. I did as i was told. He had me kneel on his low desk facing the shuttered window. "now spred em" he said his voice thick with lust. I once again did what i was told, I felt his warm hand slide up my thy, and onto my moist slit. I shuttered with fear and anticipation. "Im going to fuck you as hard as i can A.J and your going to love every minute of it" Erin whispered into my ear. His hand slammed into the small of my back, pushing me to my hands and knees and knocking the wind out of me.

A low chuckle escaped from his mouth. I could feel his hand grapping at my pert ass and my /tits/tight-tits/">tight tits. He began to rub my pussy with the tip of his dick. Slowly he put the head of it into me, and quickly pulled it out. I hated this game, he would do it because he knew i wanted it all in at once. "beg for it baby" He said in a dirty tone. So I did, I did it like i meant it. Because in /reality/">reality I really did! He plunged at seven old waman xxxgx inches into my snatch with one quick hard motion. I yelped in pleasure. "fuck me" I hissed at him between gritted teeth. Erin’s hand griped onto my hips using them as handles to pull my 105 pound body back onto his cock. He pumped me like i had never had it before, I could feel him rubbing my cunt /raw/">raw. His balls Slapped at the perfect angle right on my clit, and i came squirting out clear fluid all over his wrinkled shirt and half on pants. I panted in satisfaction.

When i turned around to look at him. He looked shocked. "what" I said innocently, "never seen a girl squirt before?" He blinked and shook his head. I looked down at his limp cock. Then into his face. You might wanna clean up head said. At that moment i realized that he blew his wad all down my inner thy and had gotten some on my skirt. I drew in a breath. He handed me some tissue, then winked at me. I knew i had gotten a good mark on my test!

He pulled up his pants, then walked around the desk and sat down on his old beat up arm chair. "I wanted to talk to you about our arrangement" He said, his tone changing a little. "what about it" i said quickly hoping he was not going to make me do something worse. "Im putting an end to it because im getting married soon, and i don't want this to become serious". I rolled my eyes, and flipped my long blond hair behind my slim shoulders. "oh geeze Mr. Mack" I started, "i thought you liked fuckig me raw?" He nodded. "but it may pose a problem for both of our futures in my fiance finds out" he said matter of factley. "so instead i have found you a great tutor".

"what?" I said my eyes blazing. "who" i demanded too quickly. "Patrick Blair". My eyes widened. "I don't even know him" I whined like a grade school kid. "So, get to know him" He said. "you can meet him after class tomorrow in the co-ed dorm on the ease side of the campus. "thats my dorm", I said my stomach doing flipp flops.

"see you tomorrow Miss French" Mr. Mackgibbon said emphasizing my last name. "yeah okay Erin" I replied my eyes narrowing.