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The field trip to the meat packing plant was boring. Amy was growing restless. She wasn't interested in how burgers were packaged up or how they were made. She was thirsty, horny and was craving cum so badly. As her class toured through the plant she kept looking around for an easy escape. She saw an open door and the was distracted so she whispered to five of the guys in her class to follow her. She had been sucking dick all morning in on the way to school at the bus stop, on the bus itself then in the bathrooms at school. However, she wasn't anywhere near finished. Once she starts it's very hard for her to stop wanting to drink more cum, suck more ballsacks and gag on more cock.

Amy and the group of guys made a clean break for it and slipped into another corridor when no one was looking. She took them around to a dim and quiet are and begged to give them all head. At first they were reluctant. They spat on her and called her a disgusting worthless cum guzzler but she wimpered and begged pathetically telling the tallest guy how hot she thought his enormous balls were. real forced anal against her will They eventually let up when she offered to pay them each ten dollars. She was such a cumslut that she was paying them to let her suck them off. She loved how degrading and humiliating it felt to have to sink that low.

The young suck slut dropped and squatted and unzipped one of the guys sucking on his giant nut sack vigorously. She was already getting wet. Two of the other boys unzip and she attempted to suck and jerk off all three of them at once. They told her to shut up and kicked her in the pussy for slurping and moaning to loud while she sucked. They kicked her and her moans became a painful muffled squeak then back to moans again. She swallowed the first two boys huge loads directly. Swishing their warm letting her giant plump oversized pillow lips smack with cum stuck in between them. The other boy came all over her which looked like they were gonna fall out of her tight shirt any second. She lifted them and licked all the cum from their soft surface and slurped the rest off her fingers.

The two remaining boys were so riled up at this point that they were already jerking off. One roughly grabbed Amy by the hair and jammed his cock down her throat. He face fucked her violently with no remorse as he stomped and grinded his foot into her pussy. But she laid limp and took it only letting out some muffled sqeaks of pain. The other boy grabbed her bulbous almost looking pot belly that did not fit her petite fit body. He groped, squeezed and rubbed it saying she had a round cum drinkers gut. The boy face fucking her spat on her while the other one verbally degraded her. She was being throat fucked so hard, the boy was wrapped completely around her head thrusting with full force until his thick load spewed in her mouth and he pulled out. She gulped hungrily and tried to suck his balls but he shoved her away and spat on her. She turned around and the other boy had already came in his own had which he shoved onto her mouth gripping her face tightly. She eagerly slurped every bit of cum from his palm. As he clutched over her mouth they all took turns spitting on her and calling her pathetic and worthless. Now that she was turned on from being humiliated, degraded and treated like such dirt she could finally top it off with what she wanted most.

The depraved young suck slut reached into her large seemingly heavy purse and pulled out something that shocked all four of the freshly sucked off guys. She pulled out a huge bottle of cum, about two liters worth, and held it up. without saying a single word she uncapped it and chugged it with greate haste. She guzzled and guzzled with no pause and she began to tremble. She xnxxv sunny leone video was shaking from being so turned on. It felt so warm and creamy and the act was so hot and self degrading. The boys looked at her in disgust. Horrified at how low this big lipped was. She guzzled continously as the wet spot in her tight tight pants began to grow. Her swollen pussy was becoming visible like a melon in her pants. She was so overwhelmed gulping down so much cum like this. She felt so low and filthy and the guys watching thought even worse of her but she loved how they looked down on her for her cum guzzling. She was seen by both herself and most everyone who knew to be inferior and below human standards due to her sick love of cum, dick and .

She was almost finished and she was about to cum but right when she climaxed her moan, slurps and shivers shook the bottle and the last bit of cum spilled all over the ground. She dropped right down and began to loudly slurp up every glob of cum off the dirty filthy unwashed floor. She bent over by the ledge that went down to some machinery to slurp up the creamy cum and being the dumb cum dump she was she was getting way to close. While she was bent over the boyswere looking at her from behind and they could see her swollen plump pussy through her skin tight pants. They could also see her round and her bulging cum filled gut. Her belly was huge now. They were so disgusted by her love of cum that they kicked her right in her soft soaking pussy and she fell down towards all the deadly gears of the meat grinder below.

Luckily her thong was snagged on a pipe jetting out in her falling path. She dangled there sared and crying with cum dripping from her huge lips and off her and innocent looking face. She cried for help. She bawled and moaned and moaned for the boys to get help. She saw the machine turning faster and faster below her and she become so frightened that she became incoherent and trembled so much it was making her thong rip slowly. The boys ignored her cries for help. They figured she was a cum obsessed suck slut who disgusted them and they felt like she wasn't worth all that much as a person due to her lack of self respect from constanly sucking cock and guzzling cum and letting men use her and humiliate her. So their apathy towards her made them pick up every small hard object close to them and they began throwing them at her. Her cries became more frantic when debris hit her in the face. Her giant pouty cum glossed lips quivering, her big glossy eyes full of tears, she cried one more time.

That last cry was cut short when her thong finally ripped and her cry became a horrifying sob that was then instantly cut off when she arms and head first into the machine. Loud crunching and grinding sounds echoed from the grinder as her torso and legs lifelessly shool with the machine as it sucked inside its metal mouth. Her voluptous form quicly disappeared into the gnashing meat grinder. The boys ran off back the group as fast as they could figuring no one would noticed the missing worthless cum dumpster.

A few minutes later some of the workers went under to the grinder to discover the completely unrecognizable pink mushy paste that was a crying fearful cum drinking slut just a few minutes ago. The grinder had instantly mashed her up into a thick slop. The warm pile of pink pulp oozed thick flowing strands of cum from inside of it. Amy was now nothing more than a warm pile of dead slut pudding. The workers had no idea what this strange pinkish oatmeal gunk was so they just hosed it away and forgot about it and most people forgot about Amy as well. Seems she met a fitting end and got what she deserved. That's what she gets for drinking so much cum and being a suck slut.