The first time we set eyes on each other

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
The first time we set eyes on each other

I was working in london a while ago and was staying a the Hilton, I had stayed there a few times and hadnt really noticed any of the /women/">women but this time was different. I was sat at the Bar having a drink after work when a ladie of about 40 asked me if she could join me? Yeah thats fine I replyed. She was about 5"8 tall, she had shoulder lenght hair and she aslo had a very large pair of tits that I could tell where pushing to get out of her top/bar.

We sat there for a while talking about work and what not when she said she was also staying in the same hotel and that If I wanted I could join her for a drink in here room. I agreed but said I would go get a shower first and meet her there. She told me her room number was 150d on the 10th floor. So it was agreed I would go get a shower and then go over to her room.

When I got back to my room I jumped into the shower and then had a quick drink before I got going. I was wearing a shirt and jeans now which was a little more comfatable than the suit I had on earlier.

I now left for the room 150d. I quickly found the room on the 10th floor. I knocked on the door and when the door was opened it was opened by a different ladie that I had met in the bar. She didnt even ask my name but told me to come in. I Could tell that this must of been the /sister/">sister of the women that I had met in the bar as they looked so alike apart from the hair was longer. again she also had a very large pair of tits. 

My sister is in the shower she will be out in a minute, I was told. Hi my name is steve as i shock her hand and mine is laura she replyed. Well very nice to meet you! She took me through to the sitting room and offered me a drink. A vodka full hd xvideo download and coke would be nice Thanks. 

After 15 minutes or so the other of the sisters returned this time she was just wearing her dressing Gown. I didnt get your name earlier i asked, "my name is Gemma and I suspect you have met my sister?" Yes I have thanks. We sat there and talked for a while the the 2 sisters disappeared to the bedroom. I was sat with my back to the bedroom door when I heard the door open and the sisters came out. One of the sisters waled to the front of me and I was amazed as she was now stood there with only her underware on. All she said was I could see you looking a my tits so I thought you may also like to feel them? 

She didnt need to offer again I stood up and walked over to her and slowly fun my hand over her skin, Until I reached her tits. She had the biggest nipples I had ever seen. All i wanted to free porn movies download do was to suck them and I could tell she had the same idea when she stepped forward a bit and told me to relive her nipples. 

I instantly took the left nipple in my mouth and started rolling the other around my fingers. I could tell she liked it as she!